Junior Data Engineer


Do you like to be part of a company where data really counts? Do you like to be part of a team where you can directly see the effects of your developments? Do you have the drive, spirit and high responsibility necessary for being part of a fast-moving trading environment? Then become a Junior Data Engineer!

Grasp the opportunity

The key to success of a winning trade can be found in the fluid processing of the latest relevant data. As a Junior Data Engineer you have a key role in this process. The gathering and structuring of the data to be able to translate it into usable information for the traders is an essential part along the chain.

As a Junior Data Engineer your main focus will be designing, building and operating our Database Systems. You will be responsible for expanding and optimizing our data collection and data pipeline architecture as well as optimizing the data structure in order that the design, architecture and configuration meets the high-performance requirements of the business.

You will work closely together with data scientists and/or analysts to translate data questions from the traders into the desired data structure. This enables it to process it to usable information and/or directly being used in visualization tools. You will streamline the data flows, build monitoring systems and assist on creating data models to make sure the trader is provided with excellent trading information to beat the markets.

Your challenge? New data sources pop-up almost every day. Gathering these sources and creating a framework to be able to easily process them into useful information sources and tools for the traders to excel.

Your goal? Creating and developing the Data Framework which enables your colleagues to build sophisticated models, answer questions on the fly when new data comes in or that can easily be used for more in-depth analytical purposes or trading models.

As a Junior Data Engineer you will first get to learn and understand the process flows of the data sources and will be educated to gain some basic knowledge of how the data is being used. You will start in a team and will get assigned to a project to develop new scrapers and/or structure the data in such way that your colleagues are able to use it. To improve the learning experience, and to give you a smooth start, you will start with frequent pair programming sessions within the Data Engineering team.

If you have some programming skills in Python and/or SQL this is a plus as these programming languages will be extensively used, but otherwise you will get training along the way.

We ask

  • An MSc degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Drive to deliver solutions for the high-end trading environment
  • Knowledge of Database architectures
  • Good social and communication skills
  • Interest in working with large data sets
  • A strong responsibility

We like

  • Experience with programming languages (e.g. SQL and/or Python)
  • Good social and communication skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Experience with cloud solutions
  • Pro-active and flexible work mentality
  • Interest in trading

We offer

  • Training, continuous learning and development opportunities
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Annual performance-based bonus
  • A non-hierarchical workplace
  • Young and highly motivated teammates
  • Ownership in your work
  • A fun workplace
  • Plenty of social events!