About Energy Trading

It’s hard to go a single day without hearing about the energy transition, or efforts to increase sustainable energy sources. The EU has set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emission to 80% below 1990 levels. Aside from this, several countries are phasing-out nuclear power. The entire energy mix is shifting towards Renewable Energy Sources. The increase in Wind and Solar Energy plays a major role in this transition.

However, the transition is far from complete. Renewable production will just be a part of the transition. Storage of energy will become more important, to provide the energy in scarce situations. Flexibility will be needed when energy systems depend on Wind and Solar energy.

Electricity trading is the transfer of power from producers to consumers. Electricity generators sell power to the power suppliers in the wholesale electricity market, who then sell this electricity to consumers.

This process is overseen by the system operator, who maintains the electricity grid and ensures that there is stable, secure and efficient flow of power.

Trading occurs in both long-term and short-term time scales; trade deals can range from years in advance to minutes in advance. In our current market, electricity generated must always be consumed.

Northpool’s role

Northpool is an energy trading company with a strong focus in the European wholesale electricity market, especially the Intraday and Day-Ahead markets.

There are three types of traders in the wholesale electricity market; generators, consumers and assetless/proprietary (prop) traders. Northpool falls into the third category; prop trading.

With the use of data, robust weather models, predictive analyses and fundamental market knowledge, we calculate the amount of electricity required thereby, determining the price of electricity for a time period. With the growth of intermittent renewable generation, energy trading plays a bigger role in maintaining the fine balance between supply and demand. Along with trading, Northpool also provides ancillary services to the system operators, to help balance the electricity grid.

In addition to short-term electricity, Northpool has expanded its trading operations in recent years to include cross-commodity products, futures and options in the short and medium-term energy market.

Predicting the unpredictable

Weather forecasts are merely predictions. No one can say what will happen with absolute certainty. But the more countries rely on wind, water and sunlight to power their grids, the better Northpool gets at anticipating the weather and planning for uncertainties – and opportunities.

Our business may be all about trading but our traders aren’t the only key players. We hire some of the best analysts, developers, programmers and support staff. Without them, we couldn’t be us. So even if trading doesn’t turn you on you still may have skills we need.

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